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We specialise in the most common types of Units Single and Double Glazed Units.

Single Glazed units
Is a thin layer of glass. Usually we recommend that our customer upgrade to Storm glazing or Double glazed units because a single layer means that it's more prone to breaking and also it's not very energy efficient as it's not a very good heat insulator.

Double Glazed Units
Double glazed unit windows comprises of two panes of glass. These two panes of glass are held apart by what is known as a space. It also comprised of and air gap, which means glass, is a good conductor of heat. It has many advantages below.

Misting may very rarely occur between the two panels; you might hear this as been referred to as a “Broken down unit”.
This problem is normally taken care of when installing the unit With wooden frames, misting occurs when the sealed units are not drained properly. In most cases the fault is repairable. Sometimes, though, you may need to replace the unit.

Advantages of Double Glazing

  • Improved condensation resistance.
  • Reduced heating costs.
  • Reduced moisture damage.
  • Improved overall serviceability of windows.
  • Increased resident satisfaction with windows.
  • Double glazing units come with a minimum of a ten-year guarantee


  • Double Glazing
  • Replacement Windows
  • Porches
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  • Stunning Splashbacks
  • Variety Colors
  • Amazing Quality
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