Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is double glazing?
    Answer: Double glazing windows have two planes of glass. These windows are capable of minimizing noise, moisture, and makes your home or business more quieter.
  • How long will it take to start the work?
    Answer: There is a turnaround of 3 working days when ordering or replacing double glazed unit. We will provide prompt backup of double glazed i.e. boarding up any broken units.
  • How are double glazing windows normally structured?
    Answer: Generally there are 3 sections, the frame, the cill and finally the glass. The cill is placed on top of the outside wall on a sand or cement bed. A layer of silicone is applied on top of the cill to hold the frame.
  • Will double glazing reduce noise?
    Answer: Insulated glazing use thermal and acoustic insulating properties of a gas to give the best insulation.
  • Will glazing reduce heat loss?
    Answer: Double glazing keeps your house at a constant temperature because there is a vacuum in between two layers of glass.
  • What are the advantages of glazing?
    - Noice control
    - Save energy
    - Resistance to breaking
    - Lower maintenance on having pvc units than have timber frames


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